Richmond.Com – 2/18/2011

Ask most people why they eat out and one answer that will be shared is the desire to have a good time. In today’s era of celebrity chefs and foodie obsessives, that core philosophy has been too often lost in a desire to be cool or avant-garde.

Not so at Xtra’s. Once you sit down, you get the impression you could hang out for hours, munch a bit, imbibe a little and enjoy the company of friends. Is that not what we’re all hoping for?

A key ingredient in Xtra’s success is décor. Located above Bangles and Beads in Carytown, you enter the dining room from an elegant stairway and are greeted by vibrant walls and an impressive curved bar. Most of the tables are set against a long padded bench draped in fun green fabric for a loungy, relaxed setting. Each night, a different special is featured on a chalkboard menu—Thursday is Ladies’ Night, with specials on cosmos and Woodchuck cider (What, no Appletini?).

Along with the drink specials, Xtra’s offers a decent variety of beers on tap, plenty of wines and even some bubbly. The bartenders and wait staff seem more than helpful and have a good grasp of the food and drink options.

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